Typhoon Wiper

Typhoon Wiper Typhoon Wiper Typhoon Wiper

Safe and efficient

The high level of safety in today’s drilling operations requires special attention to equipment. Most drilling rigs have fully automated derrick and pipe handling systems. In some regions the Red Zone legislation prohibits personnel to work on the drill floor while automatic pipe handling machinery operates. However, we still experience personnel using manual HP cleaners and wipers when Drill Pipe and other tubulars are cleaned during operation.

In order to prevent this hazard we have developed the Typhoon Wiper. Using the tool the DP will get wiped clean with air. BHA will get cleaned with HP water, but without exposing personnel to danger of dropped objects or working close to remote operated machines on Drill floor (Red Zone).

How does the tool work?

The Typhoon Wiper will be placed on top of the diverter or bell nipple and connected to rig’s system of HP water and air wash system. The tool has two sets of nozzles facing well center:

  • Drill string is wiped clean with HP air nozzles
  • BHA and other odd shapes in the drill string is cleaned with HP water in very limited volumes
Actuation of the cleaning sequences can be done locally on the drill floor or remote controlled from Driller Cabin.


  • Keeps personnel out of Red Zone while POOH with drill string, BHA components, casing, tubing etc
  • Improves general tripping speed, no stops required for cleaning and wiping
  • No need for installation and removal of conventional rubber wiper – crew is not exposed to mud, chemicals, brine etc
  • Mud and debris are kept below rotary table, improves housekeeping on drill floor and reduces risk of trips and falls
  • Less time spent on housekeeping after tripping, fast moving to next operation, less flat spots on operational trends
  • No risk of dropped objects from the tool due to safe design


Typhoon Wiper is designed to fit the rigs specific diverter system and easy to install.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • HP water nozzles for cleaning BHA components.
  • Require: HP water at 150-190 bar, 20-24 liter/min
  • LP air nozzle system for wiping the drill string
  • Require: LP air at 4-8 bar, 5-7 m3/minute
  • Tool ID minimum 18 ¾”
  • In compliance with “Dropped Object Prevention Handbook”

The Tool is certified for offshore conditions. Following certificates within compliance:

  • CE-certification
  • Material certificates
  • Welding certificates