Monsoon Shaker Screen Washer

Monsoon Shaker Screen Washer

Monsoon Shaker Screen Washer

The high level of safety in today's drilling operations around the world requires special attention to clean work areas and mud exposures. To increase safety and prevent personnel being exposed to mud and chemicals, we have introduced the automatic Monsoon Shaker Screen Washer.

Monsoon Shaker Screen Washer highlights:

  • Fast efficient cleaning of multi-size screens (690x1300x41mm)
  • Consistent and gentle wash to prolong screen lifetime
  • Releases human resources
  • Crew will not be exposed to mud
  • Work area is always clean and tidy
  • 100 % control with the critical substances
  • Mud and cuttings will be drained
  • Vapors will leave through exhaust pipe
  • Stainless steel and top quality components
  • Electrical controlled sequences for precise and reliable operation
  • Small footprint (900x900mm) – easily installed in Shaker Room

Operation modes
Mode 1: Cleans the screen on one side at the time. Minimum flow of 15 liter/min. Full cleaning cycle duration approx. 1 minute.

Mode 2: Cleans both screen sides simultaneously. Minimum flow of 30 liter/min. Full cleaning cycle duration approx. 1/2 minute.

Monsoon is fully certified for offshore conditions. Following certificates within compliance:

  • ATEX certified
  • CE-Certification

Monsoon require following utilities:
  • Rig air 6-10 bar
  • HP water at 150-200 bar. Hot water 50-80 deg C preferred (can operate with cold water)
  • 400-690 V, 50-60 Hz
  • 3” drain optional, exhaust pipe / ventilation

The machine is made with an inner and outer housing. This is to reduce noise level and to minimize personnel being exposed to hot surfaces if using hot water. The machine can be custom made to fit your screens, this allows us to optimize the size of the machine and ensure an easier fit into your shaker house.