RIGTOOLS provides maintenance and modification services to the maritime and offshore oil industry.

RIGTOOLS is able to supply the entire supply chain from engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation.

RIGTOOLS are experienced in fabrication of pre-fab steel solutions, aluminium constructions, stainless steel materials and fabrication for installation and contracting services.

RIGTOOLS provides manpower within various mechanical and maintenance disciplines both offshore and onshore. Our employees have a long experience in solving problems on various types of jobs such as:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Cabinets in stainless steel
  • Equipments for testing fire equipments
  • Filtrations units
  • Cleaning Cyclone horns
  • Maintenance onshore/offshore
  • Baskets for different equipments
  • Helicopter safety nets
  • Gasoline Tank for helicopter fuel
  • Piping for different liquids (such as helicopter fuel)