Boxing Ring Rotary Handrail

Boxing Ring Rotary Handrail

Rotary Handrails improves safety and efficiency when removing Master Bushings and working through and below rotary table.

Rotary Handrails Highlights:

  • No risk of dropped objects through rotary table due to the high kick plates on the Rotary Handrails.
  • Fast and efficient to install Rotary Handrails.
  • No loose bolt’s required.
  • One person can lift the lightweight Rotary Handrails.
  • No risk of hanging up with wires when running through rotary table.

Product description:

  • Rotary handrails consist of 2 half-moon pieces which is locked together when installed in the rotary table.
  • Can also be made to fit the rotary table when the outer bushings are removed.

Rotary Handrails is fully certified for offshore conditions. Following certificates within compliance:

  • CE- Certification
  • Material certificates
  • Welding certificates