The Speedy Gonzales Pin Cleaner

Pin Cleaner Pin Cleaner Pin Cleaner Pin Cleaner

Efficient and safe

The high level of safety and efficiency in today's drilling operations requires special attention to work areas and risk exposures. Increase efficiency and reduce the time personnel is exposed in Red Zone we have introduced the Speedy Gonzales Pin Cleaner.

How does the tool work?

Speedy Gonzales Pin Cleaner is designed to clean the drillpipe pin end threads. The cleaning is done prior to applying dope. Depending on the crew's preference the tool can be used in various ways.

The tool can be used with HP water to wash the pins or with air to blow the pins clena. Either way it will take one person only a few sconds to let the tool do the job in one efficient workflow.


  • Cleans 360 degrees in one working cycle with operator in safe distance.
  • Ensures pins are properly cleaned prior to applying dope.
  • No over-torqued connections or wash-outs, dope applied on clean pins.
  • Minimizes personnel exposure in Red Zone.
  • Fast in, fast out - Improves drill floor safety and efficiency.
  • Can be used with both HP water or air.
  • 100 % stainless steel.