Rigtools Clamp

Rigtools Clamp

Rigtools Clamp improves safety and efficiency when handling lifting sub's on bottom hole assemblies.

Rigtools Clamp highlights:
  • Time saving and more safe when installing and removing lift subs in vertical and especially horizontal position.
  • No loose bolts or shackles required.
  • No need of lifting slings.
  • Less risk of hanging up in threads when removing lifting subs in vertical position.

How to use the Rigtools Clamp:

  • Rigtools Clamp is clamped directly on the lifting sub when installing or removing them from BHA items.

Product description:

  • Rigtools Clamp is made of stainless steel.
  • Weight: 6 kg without lifting gear.
  • We supply the Clamp in following sizes:
    3 ½" - 4" - 5" - 5 ½" - 5 ⅞" - 6 ⅝" - 7"
  • The clamp is delivered with lifting chains and full certification for offshore use.

Statement from customer:

The Rigtools Clamps make handling of our lifting subs safer and easier , no more wrapping slings round subs, quick and easy installation of the clamp either vertically or horizontally, no shackles bolts or safety pins to worry about, the subs are held securely and rotate easily so installing into collars etc made safer with little chance of nipped or crushed fingers when using chain tongs. We have a 5½” and 5” Rigtools clamp, two of the best additions to drill floor safety and efficiency we have had.

Best Regards,
Alistair. Maersk Convincer

Rigtools Clamp is fully certified for offshore conditions.

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