BOP Drift

BOP Drift
BOP Drift BOP Drift BOP Drift

Efficient and safe

The high level of safety and efficiency in today's drilling operations requires special attention to work areas and risk exposures. To increase efficiency and prevent pulling the BOP we now introduce the BOP Drift Tool.

The innovative BOP Drift Tool was developed in close cooperation between Rigtools design team and one of the worldwide leading drilling contractors.

The BOP Drift Tool reduces potential downtime, thus saving time and money. Drilling operations worldwide expirience problems after subsea BOP testing if the annular rubber elements fail to fully retract.

As a consequence these potential failures can lead to damage of the Annular BOP and retrievel of the marine riser and BOP stack may be the only solution.

How does it work?

The BOP Drift Tool is designed to be an integrated part of the BOP test string, to allow for quick and safe drifting of BOP's. After testing Rams and Annular preventers, the test string is pulled out of the BOP.

If the Annular elements is not fully retracted prior to "drifting", the tapered shape of the BOP Drift Tool assists the preventers to retract to original position. By ensuring the Annular preventer is fully retracted after the BOP test, the following operations will not suffer from potential problems running full bore tools etc.


  • API specification 7K certified
  • 18.720" Annular Drift
  • 7.125"OD x 3.000" ID x 157.70" shoulder to shoulder
  • 5½" FH STD Box by 5½" FH STD Pin
  • Several other connection options are available
  • Weight: 1875 kg
  • AISI 4145H Mod Steel
  • 270.000 lb Load test
  • 7500 PSI
  • FEA available