Pulsation Dampener

TSC Offshore provides a broad range of drilling and production spherical pulsation dampeners with a volumetric size range from 1 gallon to 20 gallon capacities and pressure range from 250 psi to 7500 psi. The body of TSC's spherical pulsation dampeners is manufactured from a one piece steel forging eliminating the possibility of weld fatigue failure.

The one-piece spherical design allows for high efficiency in a small volume and does not require additional structural support. The spherical design also offers much more piping flexibility than appendage style dampeners. Our proven stabilizer supported bladders offer superior product lifespan and reaction time in the most demanding applications.


  • Single piece forged body (no circumferential welds), results in a stronger body and smoother inside surface
  • Inside surface machined to facilitate diaphragm movement
  • Field-replaceable top and bottom plates
  • Bottom plate connection to suit customer application
  • Diaphragms equipped with stabilizer plate to eliminate folding, trapping of fluids, resulting in enhanced life
  • Nitrile (NBR) and Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) diaphragms standard
  • Diaphragms can be replaced without removing the unit from the Line


  • Flaw detection: conform to API Spec 16A standard requirements
  • Pressure index: nominal working pressure of hydraulic pressure is 34.5 MPa(5000 PSI), highest
  • Test pressure: 51.7 MPa (7500 PSI); Nitrogen test pressure is 10.3 Mpa (1500 PSI)

Typical applications:

1. Suction Stabilization

When installed on the upstream side of the pumps, suction stabilizers help in eliminating cavitation problems by smoothing out the flow of fluids into the pump cylinders. Cavitation can cause premature damage to valves, seats, plungers and other pump components.

TSC Offshore's pulsation dampeners when mounted close to the inlet or suction flange of the pump ensure complete filling of the cylinders during each stroke.

2. Pulsation Dampening

Pressure surges or pulsations on the discharge side of pumps and compressors cause vibration and fatigue failure of major pump parts such as valves, seats and cylinders. If not addressed, these vibrations can cause fatigue failure of downstream pipe, pipe supports and other critical components and equipment.

TSC Offshore's pulsation dampener, appropriately-sized and mounted near the discharge flange, will assist in dampening the pressure surges/pulses on the discharge side of the pump prolonging the life of the pump fluid end components as well as critical downstream equipment.

3. Surge Absorption

Surges in flowing systems caused as a result of sudden closure of valves, pump shutdowns of start-up, can lead to pressure build-ups that are large enough to rupture piping, piping supports and damage downstream equipment. This phenomenon, also known as water hammer, results from the sudden change of kinetic energy (of the flowing fluid) to pressure energy.

TSC's Offshore pulsation dampener, mounted at an appropriate location, can assist in absorbing these surges thereby saving costly equipment.

When the elevation heads of pumps are high, back surges can be caused as a result of sudden pump shut-downs when the fluid flows back slamming into the pump valve. TSC's Offshore pulsation dampeners installed close to the valves, help in absorbing the surge.

4. Energy Storage

Due to the design of the pulsation dampener, it can be used as an energy storage device (Accumulator) in a hydraulic system. A TSC Pulsation Dampener, appropriately-sized, can be used to supply hydraulic power for a short period of time. This is critical in lube oil systems which must supply lube oil to critical rotating equipment where an interruption can cause costly failure not only to the equipment but also the potential shutdown of the downstream operation.

5. Special Applications

TSC's Offshore pulsation dampeners/Accumulators can also compensate for leakage in a hydraulic system as well as compensate for any pressure change due to thermal expansion.