TSC Offshore's liners are designed to fit most mud pump types. Triplex and duplex are both available with high chrome sleeved liners and chrome plated liners. TSC Offshore's liners are manufactured by advanced technology, with metallurgical control and rigid inspection to ensure its high quality.

All our liners have high strength forged steel hulls machined to fit prospective pumps and machined to provide the sleeve retaining lip for the high pressures encountered in today's markets. All our liners have centrifugally cast high chrome sleeves with added Molybdenum for a deeper hardness. The sleeves are mounted in the hull to a tightness averaging 18 thousands tight. After the hull and sleeve are assembled, the I.D. of the liner is honed to a perfect circle and to a finish that is smoother than any of our competitors. The finished and honed liner has tapered ends for ease of assembling pistons into the liner. The tapers are consistently the same. We have improved the overall finish (surface) of our products to a point that the looks are as impressive as the built-in quality. Our plant takes extensive measures to insure the quality of the products.

Chrome Plated Liner

TSC Offshore chrome plates the same outer hull in lieu of sleeve to a maximum thickness. It is then machined and polished to a mirror finish.

High Chrome Sleeve Liner

The outer hull, or body, of the liner is a high strength forging. TSC Offshore uses forgings exclusively to ensure the consistent quality. The sleeve is centrifugally cast in the TSC facilities by skilled craftsmen. It has the maximum amount of chrome for the base metal and TSC adds molybdenum to increase the hardness depth. The sleeve is then inserted into the hull at a tightness that exceeds its counterparts. The liner is rated to match the pressure rating of the pump per liner size.

  • Rated for all drilling operations up to 5,000 PSI and above
  • Bore hardness is 62 - 69 Rockwell
  • Plip design to prevent inner sleeve slippage
  • Extremely long service life