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Rigtools is a specialized company founded in 2010. Key personnel from leading Oil and Drilling companies have been brought together in this team of highly competent drilling consultants.

We use our experience, know-how and extensive industry network to innovate and develop safe and efficient solutions to our customers and end users in the oilfield.

Simple and user friendly solutions call for the utmost level of ingenuity. In co-operating with our carefully selected partners we balance high standards and affordable costs. We aim to provide the most efficient and safe solution every single time!


FEB-2017 Rigtools is happy to announce that Agent Whaley have been appointed as our Middle East representative. Read more

JAN-2017 Rigtools introduces the "Speedy Gonzales Pin Cleaner", read more about this tool soon. Read more

NOV-2016 Rigtools takes over the patented Pitbull Torque Tool from Molde based Langset Engineering... Read more

As our visual CRM system illustrates Rigtools have welcomed a lot of new customers and users in the Middle East, GOM, Brazil, the North Sea and Asia during first quarter 2016. Fortunately we can see it pays off to visit the drilling contractors and discuss Rigtools solutions. Rig count is now way over 100. Read more

OCT-2016 Rigtools visits ADIPEC fair in Abu Dhabi to meet current and future clients.Read more

JAN-2016 Visiting Gulf Drilling International in Doha and National Drilling Company in Abu Dhabi have been a great milestone experience for Rigtools..Read more

24-12-2015 Rigtools wishes all our safe and sound users a happy and healthy 2016. Oil price will increase again. We just don’t know when.Read more

01-11-2015 First visit in the UAE region – accompanied by the Danish Trade Council.Read more

04-10-2015 Yet another milestone. Noble have acquired their first Rigtools equipment. We are proud to supply safe and efficient solutions to one of the largest drilling contractors in the world.Read more

01-10-2015 Rigtools will be joining OTD, Stavanger 21.-22. October.Read more

14-09-2015 Rigtools welcome Brazilian drilling contractor Odebrecht Oil & Gas Read more

01-09-2015 We proudly announce Nordic HSE Group is now appointed as official Rigtools partner Read more

23-07-2015 Brazil Tour 2 Read more

26-05-2015 Brazil Tour 1 Read more

21-04-2015 Monsoon Shaker Screen Washer - world premiere Read more

21-04-2015 Danish Monsoon hits Brazil! Read more

09-04-2015 The high level of safety and efficiency in today's drilling operations around the world requires special attention to work areas and risk exposures. To increase safety and prevent personnel being exposed to annoying and potentially dangerous spinning, rotating, pivoting loads we have introduced Rigtools Taglines. Read more

01-03-2015 Clamp Down on pinched fingers ! User statements • I believe these clamps are the best tools I have seen offshore for safety and operational performance. • A good product that reduced the risk to the personnel working on building BHA operations. • Crews highly recommend this product.Read more

01-02-2015 What is the cost of dropped objects downhole ? Still counting… ? No need to. The Rigtools Tarpaulin Hole Cover removes such pointless headaches. Read more

05-01-2015 Learn how Transocean prevents their Roughnecks from being exposed to falling objects inside Red Zone, while pulling out with BHA. Read the statement from the Operations Planner !Read more

10-12-2014 For your convenience and increased support on sales and technical inquiries - please welcome our new Chief Commercial Officer, Roland Boysen !Read more

22-08-2014 Vacant position for Sales Manager. Read more

18-08-2014 Rigtools will be present at Rio Oil & Gas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 15-18 September.

18-08-2014 Rigtools will be present at ONS in Stavanger, Norway 25-28 August.

04-06-2014 Rigtools Sling Rack is introduced to the market. The Sling Rack improves safety and efficiency when selecting slings for lifting operations.

02-01-2014 Rigtools have moved into new offices in Business Park Randers. We invite Business Partners and friends of the house to visit the location on Friday the 10th. of January at 1500 - 1700 hrs. Parkboulevarden 31. DK-8920 Randers

26-08-2013 Rigtools introduce Portable Container Access Ramp to the market.

16-07-2013 SeaDrill order Rotary Handrails to the newbuilds West Telesto and West Oberon currently being build in Singapore

29-06-2013 Rigtools delivers Shaker Screen Clean Machine to Bideford Dolphin, this will be a large improvement to the shaker house working environment

18-06-2013 PetroVietnam Drilling signs order on HP Wash Down Unit, delivery from Rigtools will take place October 2013

23-5-2013 Rigtools delivers the third BHA Wash Tool and control system to National Oilwell Varco, these tools are installed on the Maersk newbuilds currently under construction in Singapore.

13-05-2013 Transocean drill ships Deepwater Millinium and Discover Americas, booth currently drilling in East Africa have chosen to implement the Rigtools Drift cabinet.

24-4-2012 Rigtools delivers BHA Wash Tool and control system to Maersk Inspirer. Rigtools is very pleased that Maersk Drilling and Statoil has chosen to install the BHA Wash Tool to improve safety on the drill floor.

18-04-2013 Rigtools Clamp is introduced. This tool is designed to improve safety and efficiency when handling lift subs on deck and on drill floor.

25-02-2013 Rigtools delivers 2 ea. DP Wash & Dope Tools to Huisman newbuild drillship project Noble Globetrotter II. The tools will be an integrated part of the drilling package on the drillship. This is a large step towards fully automated rigs and this also removes personnel from RED zone.

22-01-2013 BHA wash tool experience on Transocean Searcher.

17-12-2012 The new Drift Cabinet is introduced to the market by Rigtools.

12-12-2012 Rigtools delivers 3 ea. Shaker Screen Clean Machines to Maersk Drilling XLE new build project.

14-11-2012 Rigtools signs Supplier Agreement with National Oilwell Varco

17-10-2012 Rigtools introduces the new iCAM 501 Ultra

11-10-2012 Transocean Searcher is implementing the BHA Wash Tool into to the rigs system with great success

27-08-2012 RIGTOOLS will be present at ONS 2012 in Stavanger, Norway 28-31 August.

18-06-2012 RIGTOOLS have their Sales Manager Helle Bejstrup in Brazil ready to be contacted for any quires

11-06-2012 Watch the new Shaker Screen Clean Machine Movie

01-10-2011 RIGTOOLS introduces a new Shaker Screen Clean Machine with very low water consumption

04-03-2011 Watch the new promotional video of the iCAM501 here

23-02-2011 Rigtools has introduced the Pipe Wash & Dope Tool. A brilliant tool which will improve both safety and efficiency on the drill floor.

12-11-2010 A new animation showing the benefits of the BHA Wash Tool is now avialable on Rigtools website and youtube.

05-10-2010 Watch the latest photos of BHA Wash tool on website.

04-10-2010 We expect to present a new animation of BHA Wash Tool medio October.

06-06-2010 Rigtools is now reseller of the leading EX camera iCAM 501 in both Denmark and Brazil. Link to Products EX camera.

06-06-2010 Rigtools will be present at the Brazilian Oilshow 2010 in Rio 13-16 September.